By Pushap Raj Verma

Pushap Raj Verma is a dedicated hospitality professional with a wealth of experience in the hotel industry. With a career spanning across esteemed establishments such as Royal Orchid Hotels and Johnsons Hotels, Pushap has honed his skills and expertise in providing exceptional guest experiences. Currently serving as a valuable member of the team at Justa Hotels, he brings a passion for delivering top-notch service and ensuring guest satisfaction. In addition to his work in the hotel industry, Pushap is also a prolific writer, contributing articles to Behotelier, a renowned hotelier's hub for learning. Through his articles, he shares insights, tips, and best practices to empower fellow hoteliers and enhance their knowledge and skills. Pushap Raj Verma is committed to upholding the highest standards of hospitality and making a positive impact in the industry through both his professional work and his contributions to behotelier.
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